Month: February 2019

Alice By Heart

The latest entry in the multitude of adaptations of Lewis Carroll’s seminal novel “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” the musical “Alice by Heart,” is the inaugural offering at the newly opened MCC Theater’s Newman Mills Theater.  The creative team behind this effort has some pretty serious chops.  The book was co-written by Steven Slater (“Spring Awakening”) and Jessie Nelson (“Waitress”) who also directs, and the music was written by Duncan Sheik (“Spring Awakening”). 

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Boesman and Lena

There’s a reason that Athol Fugard’s 1969 award-winning play “Boseman and Lena” was on the reading list of every Modern Drama class in the country by the mid 1970’s.  Well, maybe not in the deep South.  It’s a brilliant play about two people living in South Africa at that time and how their lives were affected by apartheid. In its current incarnation at Signature Theatre, Yaël Farber has created a stunning production that is at once so familiar and yet on the passing edge of understanding that we sit breathless, like the characters, unsure of what the next moment will bring, knowing that we have no hand in what’s to come, praying that it will be peaceful. 

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State Of The Union

“Is there any real difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party?…All the difference in the world. They’re in- and we’re out!” Come to the Metropolitan Playhouse and discover the difference – if there is any in the State of the Union.

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