Month: October 2018


The last moment in the play, acted with a beautiful guttural rawness by Miss Channing, reflected that thought, emptiness being the loudest sound in this play.

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Ordinary Days

From the first bars of Ordinary Days, you know you have walked squarely into the happy world of musical theater. Engaging and unpretentious, the music by Adam Gwon, and performers are right in the pocket. The show has got a lot going for it, in its innovative set design and realistic, very human storytelling. However, while the music is consistent and comfortable, it is not very memorable.

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Gloria – A Life

I wouldn’t describe “Gloria – A Life” as a conventional play, but then again, there’s absolutely nothing about the life of Gloria Steinem that’s conventional.  Emily Mann’s Gloria – A Life is as thought-provoking, educational, inspirational and surprising as is Ms. Steinem herself.  Although I occasionally questioned Ms. Mann’s style, her subject was so compelling, I was rapt, riveted.

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Mother of the Maid

As the title suggests, Mother of the Maid at the Public Theater, is a story of Isabelle Arc who is the mother of – well YOU know.  St. Joan.  This story is both narrated and experienced by Isabelle (Glenn Close).  She appeals to the adult in all of us:  how to make a living, feed yourself and your family, keep yourself connected to spirit, and protect those who are younger than you from making mistakes that might ruin them.  Nothing new in that.

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Rita Wilson: Liner Notes — at the Café Carlyle

I first saw Rita Wilson a year ago at the Café Carlyle and was immediately enchanted.  Wilson is the real deal.  She is talented and generous, exuberant ant thoughtful, hopeful and pragmatic.  With her recent show at the  Café Carlyle, Rita Wilson: Liner Notes, she is extending her reach to bring other artists into our spheres of reference.  It is not enough for Wilson to stand in the spotlight.  She wants to spread the wealth.

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