Month: October 2018

Good Grief

Good Grief, a poetic piece about losing your best friend, is a beautiful love song that will break your heart, despite sometimes feeling misled and hurried.

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Daniel’s Husband

By definition, Michael McKeever’s “Daniel’s Husband” is a modern Greek tragedy even though the first couple of scenes are laugh-out-loud funny.  Although the play is about a gay couple, it is a universal look at love, commitment, marriage and family that knows no gender.  It’s questions and concerns are modern and transcend religion, race or nationality.  Daniel’s Husband asks important questions.  What do I owe of my personal life to my public life?  How far am I willing to compromise my needs for the needs of my partner?  What are the limits of love? 

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The Waverly Gallery

Entering the Golden Theatre to see “The Waverly Gallery”, with Elaine May, I could not help but be reminded that a few months ago I was in that same theatre to see “Three Tall Women” featuring another octogenarian, Glenda Jackson.  The comparison is not without merit, although the two characters these fine actors portray are light years apart.  One is laser sharp chronicler of life and the other is, well, falling to pieces as we watch.  And, although it is a sad slide, watching Ms. May navigate the splotchy fading verbal path down which her Gladys Green is careening is a thing of rare and exquisite beauty.

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