Peter Michael Marino in Show Up,Kids! Photo by Mikiodo

By Holli Harms

Peter Michael Marino’s Show Up, Kids! is like no other children’s show I have ever seen. It is imaginative and creative because of the kids. Each performance different, depending on who is in the audience and what their answers are to Mr Marino’s prompts: “If you could be anything in the world, what would you want to be?”

The day that I saw the show a young man about 6 answered, “A magician.” When asked, “What kind of magician?” He answered, “A Magic Magician.” Or, “What super hero powers would you want?” and the young lady down front answered,”Flying.”

All of their answers, as well as some of the children being chosen to come up on stage at certain intervals and change the set and leave a new costume or prop for Pete to use, are what make the show. They are the directors, designers and playwrights.

Pete brings Show Up, Kids to NYC just off a sold out run at the famous Edinburgh Theater Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland and so I asked him, “What is the difference between the European children and American?” “They were all better behaved at the Fringe Festival,” was his reply. “Also, they tend to give up answers of boogers and poop and pee much more than American kids.”

The day I saw the show the kids gave out answers of unicorns and even Donald Trump (That prompt – “What is something really gross?”) There were several kids who were out of their seats and jumping up and down for every question waving arms and part of this I think is because they were so so so excited and many were very little. No excuses just saying. My two ten year olds sat in their chairs quietly, accept for their bursts of laughter throughout the performance.

At the end of the show Pete allows the kids to go up on stage and check it out. Every single one of them did just that. It was a place many of them had never experienced. They were in heaven up there. The price of a ticket is only $10 so it is easy to take your child and his/her friends. Make it a birthday outing like no other.

Again I will say it is empowering to our young ones to be able to help make decisions that will entertain an entire audience.