Month: August 2018

Henry VI

If only for the scarcity of productions of even one part of Henry VI, much less all three at the same time, watching NAATCO’s recent crack at it is already a rare privilege.

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Pretty Woman: The Musical

Pretty Woman, the 1990 ersatz version of Pygmalion has made its way to Broadway in a musical that aims high but falls short of the mark. This is what you get when bad music happens to good singers

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Days to Come

This earnest production breathes new life into a depression era tale of unrequited love amid theories of economics. Boasting top notch production values and veteran actors, it is highly watchable, if not highly relatable.

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Blithe Spirit

Noel Coward’s classic comedy about the power of the past to disrupt the present–in the form of the ghost of his first wife–retains its sparkling ability to entertain, some 77 years after it first appeared on stage.

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