Month: July 2018

Dr. Bradley’s Fabulous Functional Narcissism: The Solo Show

I am happy to report that the Doctor is IN.  Most recently at Don’t Tell Mama on June 26th.  IN-sync.  IN-spiring.  And just the teeniest bit IN-sane.  Dr. Bradley Jones (yes that shingle is real) has just the right amount of observation, rhythm and razzle-dazzle to charm anyone within earshot.  His patter is not patter.  It is clean and precise. KT Sullivan’s direction is meticulous and serves Jones very well indeed. Jones knows exactly where each word belongs and why.

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Straight White Men

Straight White Men is an equal-opportunity play, in that there is not enough to it to satisfy anyone. It is also a missed opportunity play. Ostensibly an examination of the meaning of accomplishment as applied to a family of man-boys, the production stumbles and stalls.

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Don’t Bother Me I Can’t Cope

Encores! Off-Center has done it again with “Don’t Bother Me I Can’t Cope.”  They’ve managed to convince a supernaturally talented cast and crew to work their asses off for two performances.  It never fails to astonish me.  And their choice of material couldn’t be more relevant.  A 1972 Broadway musical revue about the experiences of the Black Community, which still resonates today.  And it was the first Broadway offering with lyrics and music both credited to a woman writer – Micki Grant.  It was also the first Broadway show directed by an African American woman, Vinnette Carroll.  For which accomplishments, both women were nominated for Tony Awards.

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Monologues & Madness



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