Month: February 2018

John Lloyd Young – Heart to Heart at Café Carlyle

Well is THIS a pleasant surprise.  I suppose I am the only one on the planet who didn’t know who John Lloyd Young is.  THAT’s over.  The original Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys, Lloyd Young has cashed in on his talent and good fortune to built himself a castle in the sky.  He knows his niche, his music and his audience.  His voice is rich, his style is smooth and reminiscent of the Rat Pack.  His tuxedo is never unbuttoned.  Unlike the Rat Pack, however, Lloyd Young is secure in his skin and generous to both his musicians and his audience.

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Josh: The Black Babe Ruth

Michael A. Jones has written a stirring chronicle of the life of Josh Gibson, widely recognized as one of the greatest baseball players of all time, if not the greatest, whose talents were never displayed on the stage they deserved because of an accident of time — the color of his skin.  For this reason, the drama has reverberations that go well beyond baseball, yet it remains a baseball story through and through, with draw and delight for fans of theater, fans of history and baseball fans more used to taking a seat in a stadium than a theater.

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The Hangmen

Bet that title makes you wonder what the play is about, right?  Well The Hangmen is about a lot more than hangmen – but not by much.  Is it also about being careful of the irreversible quality of your actions – let’s say hanging someone, for instance – because those actions may be the very ones that some sniveling back years later to take a piece out of your behind.

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He Brought Her Heart Back in a Box

Kennedy haunts her characters with the thundering violence of history.  Kay is bedeviled by her mother’s end.  She will never know if her 15 year-old mother, impregnated by a white man, killed herself or was murdered.  Chris, a white boy of relative privilege, lives with the ghosts of his father’s Negro women and their children.  His mother tells him his daddy loved them more.

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