Month: January 2018

Hallelujah, Baby!

A throwback to a bygone era, Hallelujah, Baby! is unapologetically Broadway, with everything from ballads to fan dancing, although in this concert production you have to imagine the fans. It is moving and great fun at the same time, with solid performances by an excellent cast.

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All the elements of this production are on the dull side – writing, staging, direction, performance and delivery. Actors forget to keep their faces in sight. Lines are mumbled. Enthusiasm falters. After awhile you just give up trying to follow the bread crumbs and wait for the train to run out of steam. Which it does.

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The Thing With Feathers

Alrighty then, THIS was a creepy pleasure, sort of.  The Thing With Feathers, now at the Barrow Group, is not your average love story, no sirree. In fact, it will make you squirm more than once.  Just as Scott Organ intended.

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The Homecoming Queen

“I believe every sad story begins with a celebration.” This is the opening line of the fictitious best-selling book authored by a Nigerian woman named Kalechi who inhabits the title role in The Homecoming Queen. It is modern-day Nigeria and Kalechi (Mfoniso Udofia) is coming home. And she is the Queen of Homecoming for more reasons than those that meet the eye.

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