Month: November 2017

The Who’s Holiday

Welcome to Who’s Holiday, the sad, sad, and even sadder tale of Cindy Lou Who, from the classic How The Grinch Stole Christmas by Doctor Seuss.  Published in 1957, it featured Cindy Lou as a young girl of 3 years old, which would make her roughly 62 right now.  Lesli Margherita is about 20 years off that mark.  

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This One’s For The Girls

This One’s For The Girls by Dorothy Marcic at St. Luke’s Theater, should be titled This One’s For The Money. A musical review of “women’s popular music” in this country from the 1920’s through the current times, it boasts a host of memorable music, impressive talent, and lazy insight, scholarship and politics.  It will appeal to those who came of age in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, and can ignore the between the songs patter, the most.

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20th Century Blues

Having spent an enormous chunk of time over the past few years writing from the perspective of being a Woman of a Certain Age, my reaction to Susan Miller’s 20th Century Blues is this: Horse Hockey (to quote Colonel Potter in MASH).  This is a well-intentioned play, focusing on a subject that is rarely seen in the theatre.  Nevertheless the storyline is so contrived that it nearly doubles back on itself and in the process loses its hold on the point of the tale.

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