Month: August 2017

Prince of Broadway

Just as MMA champ McGregor was in the wrong medium fighting boxing champ Mayweather, this collection of the best of American theater belongs elsewhere — in a documentary.

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Ex Habitus

The Corkscrew Theater Festival, dedicated to supporting early-career theater artists, is having its inaugural season this summer in New York City.  Ex Habitus, which opened on August 23rd and runs through September 3rd, is one of 5 full length productions being showcased, and 5 readings.  Written by Lilla Goettler and Katie Hathaway, and directed by Lilla Goettler as well, Ex Habitus tells the story of millennial friends who become rivals in the podcast wars for listeners ears. 

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A play needs more than a clown car of notions and a three ring circus of ambiguity, even if all that tickles your imagination and spurs your conversation.  In A Parallelogram  are we seeing a visionary young woman who’s perception allows us to entertain remarkable possibilities?  Or, are we visiting the distorted world-view generated by her brain tumor?  Intriguing to consider, but can you give the audience a hint?

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