Month: July 2017

Money Talks

It’s 2017 and Ben Franklin is turning over in his grave – or at least in his engraving. What’s a philosopher to do? There’s nothing for it but to step out of history and bust out some aphorisms. Oh yes, we need a little Franklin, right this very minute.

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The powerhouse — just right — play is this three-pack is Jack.  Playwright Melissa Ross is fearless.  Her two characters, George (Aaron Roman Weiner) and Maggie (Claire Karpen), inhabit the stage, each defending a section of their battle-scarred and now-ended, marital struggle.  Their exchanges, ostensibly about the sudden loss of their beloved dog, Jack, are the stuff of all exchanges that men and women engage in when they have loved and lost.  The fight is just below the surface; it is raw and easily summoned.

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A Wall Apart

Romance driven by geopolitics makes for a risky venture and, despite solid performances throughout, the creators never quite find a proper balance. Generally, they err on the side of sibling rivalries and lovey dovey-ness.

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To T, or Not to T

If D’Lo had his choice of an additional body part, I am guessing it would be wings. At the end of this one person show he dons butterfly wings, but an observer would not be challenged for thinking they were there all the time. 

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