Month: March 2017

Miss Saigon

Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schonberg’s Miss Saigon has taken its second helicopter ride across the Atlantic from London, and landed right back at the Broadway Theatre, where it first set down in 1991 under heavy enemy fire.

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So the premise of his show, john O’Hurley, A Man With Standards, we are told, is to look back over his shoulder at the past that gave him so much as a child and the career that has served him very well in deed.  Between soap operas and sit coms he has done himself proud and made his dreams come true.

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Latin History For Morons

John Leguizamo’s “Latin History for Morons”, now at the Public Theater is not for morons, and it is not just a history lesson. It is an homage to heritage, to parenthood, to Leguizamo’s family and specifically to his son. Not bad.

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The Price

The Price by Arthur Miller, now at the American Airlines Theatre as a Roundabout Theatre production, is no stroll in the park.  The year is 1968.  Two brothers who have not seen one another in 16 years are plonked together in the attic of their old home, a brownstone in Manhattan.  In this attic is the detritus of their father’s life, and because the building is about to be demolished they are finally facing how to let go of it all.  And I don’t mean  just the furniture.   There are, as is always the case with sibling estrangement, a lot of reasons why these two have not spoken, and with a second-hand furniture dealer on hand to throw gasoline on the smoldering coals – there are explosions aplenty.  As we knew there would be from the moment the curtain goes up. No surprises here.

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