by Raphael Badagliacca

15078634_10209767162367719_5328497299073994729_nThe aura ran madcap through the hallways at The Pit Loft Sunday night where Solocom was in full swing for the fourth straight day. Tell me another time when the words “Make sure your cell phones are turned on” began a show. The words were coming from the inimitable Katie Mack, whose gifts put the edge in edgy. She was seated at a table in an L-shaped room, dressed in black against the black walls in low light. So began her modern tale.

You can’t tell a modern story without handing the characters cell phones, but this was different. This time the cell phones were in the hands of the audience, and the characters were in the cell phones. The storyteller led the audience through a maze and a checkerboard from Instagram to Google to Facebook and back to track the characters tracking each other, spinning their own real or imagined stories, drawing conclusions, making assumptions, looking for love on the campus of the virtual world. And oh yes, there is a real world out there somewhere.

Whether her characters are real or imagined and whether what they feel for each other is real or imagined, love is a work in progress, as it has always been, and so is this. And a damn good one.

Written and performed by Katie Mack

The PIT, along with award-winning solo show artist Peter Michael Marino (Desperately Seeking the Exit) is proud to present the fourth annual SOLOCOM, NYC’s Only All-New Solo Comedy Festival, November 17 – November 20, 2016.