DSC_0478 New York, NY (9/21/15) – Writer/Performer Tulis McCall will present her latest solo work All ABOARD : A Woman of a Certain Age Sticks Her Fingers Into The Light Socket of Life And Invites You To Hold Hands, a funny, poignant and gently in-your-face rumination on arriving at the inevitable and being unprepared. ALL ABOARD is part of the United Solo Festival with a SECOND performance on Friday, October 2nd at 9:00 PM at The Studio Theatre @ Theatre Row (410 West 42nd Street – just east of Broadway.) Tickets are $18 and may be obtained through Telecharge.com (212) 239-6200. For further information, please visit www.allaboard.nyc.

In All ABOARD …, Tulis McCall invites the audience into the world of a “Woman Of A Certain Age.” For McCall, being a Woman Of A Certain Age has its advantages. Opinions have free reign. Age provides perspective. There are also the disadvantages. Invisibility, for instance. From her personal vantage point McCall assesses the markers and milestones on a journey that is universal. Once we are evicted from the womb, we all share the same challenge: how to manage the journey. McCall muses on how we ignore and euphemize aging, especially the female variety, until we arrive on its doorstep. When we wake to the fact that what is ahead of us is shorter than what is behind, the situation begs the question, “How did this happen, and what am I going to to about it?” Alternately hilarious, thoughtful, and out-of-the box intelligent, this is a show that pulls apart the minutiae of life’s machinery and reassembles the pieces in a new configuration.