The September Play Project Launches its Inaugural Year

New York, NY

New York, NY, September 3rd, 2014 — The September Play Project, or #SPP, launches its inaugural year with a series of new works on the rooftop space of The Delancey, 168 Delancey Street, New York, NY 10002 on September 13th and 14, 2014. Both performances will be at 5 PM. The plays are all 6 minutes in length and set outdoors. The series was conceived by co­producers Jenny Gomez and Jessica Mazo. The aim of the Project is to provide a diverse set of artists with a comfortable platform where they can create, with full production support. 100% of the proceeds from ticket sales will be split evenly between all the playwrights, actors, and directors that have volunteered their time and talent for the project.

The September Play Project will do its part, not only in getting new work by emerging artists seen by a larger audience, but also to give back to artists that seldom see income from their work. Although the inaugural year of #SPP might not provide much, the aim is to build the Project year after year to create a framework where this will be increasingly more successful. The producers of #SPP will invent a matrix of ticket sales and donations, along with some crowdfunding, that will make this largely possible. It is also notable that the process for artist acquisition is audition­free and based strictly on referral.

Artists involved in the project this year include:

  • ●  Playwrights: Jason Burstein, Mike Poblete, Gili Malinsky, Allyson Morgan, Lindsay Joy, J.Anthony Roman, Jonathan Caren, Andrew Harding, Nick Leavens, Alex Suskind
  • ●  Actors: Dean Gunnison, Greg Engbrecht, Crystal Domsher, Eli Bridges, Domonique Pacitto, Will Roland, Kathy Searle, Judy Merrick, Jennifer Harder, Ryan Hyde, Jody Christopherson, Gili Malinsky, Adam Perabo, Jessica Mazo, Andrew Sullivan, Jenny Gomez, Shelley Little, Ryan Hyde, Lauren Lewis, Neal Reese, Mark Snyder
  • ●  Directors: Ryan Canuelle, Sara­Ashley Bischoff, Jessica Mazo, Kevin Laibson, Daniel Melnick, Judy Merrick, Neal Kowalsky, Andrew Harding, Aaron Rossini, Tess Amberg, Jerry Ruiz 

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The September Play Project can also be found on Instagram and Twitter @SeptPlayProject.

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Jenny Gomez