eas200Feeling sorry for yourself?  Nothing great from Santa?  New Year’s Eve ho hum?  You need Peggy Eason’s new cabaret show; “As I See It”.    She is an African American woman blind from birth, fifth of twelve children, recently retired from the State Division of Parole, where she was union president.  Bored with retirement, she is pursuing her love of singing.  Early on she sings “I’m Gonna Live ’til I Die”, and she proves it to us.  She is an inspiration.  Another song, “Use What You Got”  captures her philosophy.  “Use what you got to get what you want, before what you got is gone”.  In between songs she tells us about obstacles she’s overcome.  A high school guidance counsellor told her; “you are not college material”.  Her next song is her response: “I’ll Show Them All”.  She has two masters degrees.  She was, however rejected from law school because of her blindness.
Initially, someone led her onto the stage.  She wore big dark glasses.  But Tony award winning costume designer, William Ivey Long decked her out in a red sparklie outfit.  The outfit fits her attitude.  She tells us her first husband, on his death bed made her promise to marry again. This follows with the perfect song; “Love, Look In My Window”.  And, of course, she finds terrific husband number 2. Her final number is “Counting My Blessings”.  I bet lots of people left counting theirs.  Stage 72 is an intimate room.  So when Peggy thanks the cabaret singer Julie Wilson for her support, we all see Julie and hear her response.
Her music director is John McDaniel who was the musical director for TV’s Rosie O’Donnell Show.  He also has many Broadway credits. The evening is directed by Jeffry Denman. Remaining shows:  January 22, at Stage 72, 158 West 72 Street. There is a $20. cover and two drink minimum. For tickets call 800 838 3006 or visit stage72.com