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This is a delightful solo about a “women of a (certain) age.” The story is about Carrie who is divorced, living on her own, and single, all of which make her fear Cat Lady Status—synonymous with the antiquated word “spinster” or still-used expression “crazy cat lady.” Carrie is a fierce, forty-something female who dives into difficult times and comes up shining. Right out of the gate she welcomes us with energy and sparkle that gets everyone cheering. Warm, charismatic and funny, her jokes are smart, and they never stop. She’s playfully herself throughout the 90 minutes we get to be part of her world.

I got a chance to sit down with Carrie and Scotty after one of their rehearsals to get the scoop on the show. Not only so I could write something intelligent, but, hey, I’m a cat lady myself and find the subject is irresistible. What I loved about meeting Carrie and Scotty was their creative sparks—the kind that makes a piece edgy and alive. For example, Scott, the director, doesn’t even like cats! “It’s not a show about cats” he says “it’s a show about a woman who loves cats”.
Carrie told me that, after her divorce, everyone thought she had a cat, most likely because she had a cat teapot, her mom sent her cat PJ’s every year, and she was living on her own. Even some of her good friends thought she had a cat. As in all true adventure theatre, we can assume the facts in her story might be slightly sculpted—but I got the feeling most of it was true, especially when I had the rare treat of meeting some of the characters after the show. OMG, they’re real!

YES the show has cats in it (but not the in purr-son kind).  Cats are only part of story—like a ball of string that’s chased around—with all four paws.  It’s a cat environment/set, cats are mentioned and talked about …but so are portals to the next world, sexy supers, hot electricians, and squirrels. One of the first neighbors we meet is a squirrel who she feeds and then becomes; in fact throughout the whole piece her face and body become almost all the characters in her adventure. So you don’t have to love cats to enjoy Carrie’s post-divorce adventure! The star and creator of the show does love cats, but her show is more about coming to terms with her new status as a single woman living on her own—cat-less or otherwise. If I could’ve stroked a cat while watching the show, I’d be ready to say purr-fection.

There was only one allergic reaction, reported from a theatrically satisfied but uncomfortable audience member who said “I loved the piece but after a while my eyes started to itch.”

“Cat Lady Without a Cat,” was developed at Artistic New Direction’s and had a staged reading in October, 2011. Part of the play was then performed at AND’s Eclectic evening of shorts. Cat Lady Without a Cat, premiered at Emerging Artists Theatre’s New Works Series and had a run at the Secret Theatre in Long Island City in February of 2012 which was a co-production of Going to Tahiti Productions/Artistic New Direction’s.

CAT LADY WITHOUT A CAT by Carrie Keskinen, Director – Scotty Watson .

The show is at: Theatre Row—The Studio Theatre, 410 West 42nd Street New York, NY 10036, between 9th & 10th Avenues. NOVEMBER 23 at 4PM ONLY(!) Tickets are $18.00 and can be purchased or by calling 212-239-6200.