Not Even The Good Things Score 80%

Not Even The Good Things

Six friends go for a weekend in the mountains, but instead of a “Big Chill” they end up with “Big Buzzkill” as each realizes life is far more complicated than he expected. Not that that’s a bad thing. Life is messy, but at least it’s real.

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Encore! Off-Center’s Promenade Score 80%

Encore! Off-Center’s Promenade

Promenade was originally produced in 1965 for Judson Poet’s Theatre at Judson Memorial Church (JMC). JMC had and has an art ministry whose credo was and is “no censorship.” JMC was a leader and a beacon for the counter-culture of the 1960’s, particularly for experimental, avant-garde theatre performers.

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Rock of Ages Score 70%

Rock of Ages

Though the production exhibits an almost pathological fear of leaving a tender moment alone, there is a standout performance by Kirsten Scott and enough earworms to satisfy any fan of 80’s power rock.

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Working: The Musical Score 83%

Working: The Musical

Encores! Off-Center is making “Working: The Musical” do double duty as their 2019 season opener and New York City Center’s 75th Anniversary puff piece.  But don’t let that stop you from going if you can get a ticket.  This adaptation of the original 1977 adaptation of Studs Terkel’s 1974 book (got that?) is a moving and timeless look into how people feel about their jobs.  With some killer music and performances.

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