LaBute New Theatre Festival

By Tulis McCall In this trio of plays, nobody pretty much likes anybody.  That’s because everyone is pretty much unlikable.  This, in and of itself is not a crime – how many of us delight in villains and their ways?...

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MAESTRO Score 92%


A music lovers’ delight, the play uses world class musicians, visual art and narrative to explore the Maestro’s life in anachronistic sequence that exemplifies his interactions and views on the regimes of Hitler and Mussolini, love and artistry. Like many geniuses his lifelong passion for perfection and the accolades he received seem incongruent. He feels that he can never achieve that for which he is striving.

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Weightless Score 90%


Written and performed by The Kilbanes, a self-styled “theatrical rock group” out of San Francisco, “Weightless” is part theater, part concert and completely electrifying.

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Evolution of a Sonero Score 90%

Evolution of a Sonero

Like salsa music, Flaco Navaja was born and raised in New York City, his roots in Puerto Rico, salsa’s too, with an added heavy dose of genetics from Cuba, other Latin American countries and Africa.  In Navaja’s autobiographical, one man with a band show, “Evolution of a Sonero,” we discover that they were destined for each other. Salsa, Navaja, The Bronx, Hip Hop, Janis Joplin, Charlie Chaplin, poetry slams and Viet Nam.  “Evolution of a Sonero” is a boiling, bubbling stew that puts out a tantalizing aroma that will have you dancing in your seat, laughing, groaning, humming, and clapping.

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Choir Boy Score 86%

Choir Boy

The religious spirituals, performed throughout with increasing intensity, behave in a fascinating way. They do not advance the plot or reveal character in the way of a traditional musical. Instead, they control the mood of the production in intangible ways.

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97 minutes of the retelling of Mary Shelley and her infamous monster and done in the most original, inventive and compelling way.

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