The Gospel At Colonus Score 95%

The Gospel At Colonus

I know, I know, you’re a jaded New Yorker and you don’t blink when you spot a celebrity, you don’t pay retail and you NEVER wait in line for anything.  Well my darlings, get over yourselves and drag your fabulous behinds to one of the five locations where tickets to “The Gospel at Colonus” are being given out every day for that evening’s performance.  And do it now because the last performance is Sunday, September 9th.  Despite the waiting in line thing, you’ll still hold your New Yorker card.  Tickets are FREE, and this is THE kickoff cultural event of the season.  And oh yes, like you, it’s FABULOUS!

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Renée Taylor in MY LIFE ON A DIET Score 99%

Renée Taylor in MY LIFE ON A DIET

Well, you missed it.  And frankly, I have to take responsibility for your error because I didn’t tell you to go, because I got to the show myself just before it closed because life happened.  If I HAD gotten my tuchus over to this show on time I would have been shouting from every street corner GO SEE Renée Taylor in MY LIFE ON A DIET – GOGOGOGOGOGOGO!!!

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Henry VI Score 90%

Henry VI

If only for the scarcity of productions of even one part of Henry VI, much less all three at the same time, watching NAATCO’s recent crack at it is already a rare privilege.

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Pretty Woman: The Musical Score 80%

Pretty Woman: The Musical

Pretty Woman, the 1990 ersatz version of Pygmalion has made its way to Broadway in a musical that aims high but falls short of the mark. This is what you get when bad music happens to good singers

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