Cyprus Avenue Score 97%

Cyprus Avenue

As the play concludes Rea and Ireland return us to our seats.  But we are not the same as when we left.  We have been shattered and reassembled.  We have changed on a cellular level.  This is the magic that is theatre.  This is the transformation that theatre promises front and center.

When it is over, you don’t want to leave the room.

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Log Cabin Score 75%

Log Cabin

By Tulis McCall Jordan Harrison is an idea man.  A “What would happen if…” kind...

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Dietrich Score 85%


Formerly titled, “Marlene,” the show has been retitled “Dietrich.”  It is a fascinating look into the life of movie legend Marlene Dietrich.

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Laura Bush Killed a Guy Score 95%

Laura Bush Killed a Guy

Did Laura Bush kill a guy?  Well, yes.  Yes, she did.  Who was he? Why did she kill him?  Why do we still like her so much when we have so many reasons to be so suspicious of her moral disposition?

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Teenage Dick Score 87%

Teenage Dick

While the titular character, Richard “Dick” Gloucester, is indeed a teenager, he has an old soul. A 425-year-old soul to be precise, for within his twisted frame lurks the tortured and villainous mind of Shakespeare’s Richard III.

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