QUEENS Score 75%


Bottom line — I’m really glad I got to see this play.  It has much to recommend it.  It has power and passion and laughter and pathos.  It’s a small room, so not so many tickets.  If you’re asking me, I’d say go.

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Is God Is Score 90%

Is God Is

I keep hearing a phrase in my head: For Your Consideration.  This is the jargon come Awards Season.  Here it is not jargon.  Consider this play.  Please do. With “Is God Is”, Alesha Harris has created a myth, or perhaps reassembled many, of gigantic proportion.

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Marlene Score 85%


Cindy Marinangel brings both an actor’s and an improviser’s sensibility to her portrayal. Indeed, she is a member of the Actors Studio and a Chicago Second City Conservatory graduate.  Dressed in a partially open silk robe with stockings and a garter belt, through Ms. Marinangel we feel Marlene’s sexuality and psychological foibles.

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Subways Are for Sleeping Score 85%

Subways Are for Sleeping

The biggest reason to go see “Subways are for Sleeping” — and passengers, you should be so lucky as to be delayed by track work — is to listen to the song gems in this musical.

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