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Welcome to Front Row Center!  By clicking on our link you can read a boatload of great theatre reviews!  WE now have over 20 writers. And you can sign up to receive email notifications as well.  See you soon –...

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The Republic, or My Dinner with Socrates

“The Republic, or My Dinner with Socrates” is creative and enlightening. The production is an adaptation of Philosopher Plato’s “Republic” fused with two of Plato’s dialogues “Crito” (Socrates’ refusal to escape from...

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Regular Singing

The Apple family drives me bonkers.  This doesn’t mean I don’t like watching them, because who doesn’t like watching people that make you grateful you are not related.  No wait – I would like to be related to Benjamin (John...

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How I Learned What I Learned

Keeping an audience’s attention all on your own for over an hour takes a skill and focus that many actors don’t possess.  Especially when it comes to sharing ideas as well as stories.  Thank the stars that Ruben Santiago-Hudson...

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