By ALICE JANE KLUGHERZ   This is a theatre plus dance and music piece that chronicles the life of the composer Tchaikovsky – in long hand. “Tchaikovsky” is a heartfelt effort from a team of artists taking on the life,...

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Mercedes Benz Awkwardly

BY KATHLEEN CAMPION I went to see “Mercedes Benz Awkwardly” because I thought the title was clever.  Still, I worried the title might have set too high a bar for the show.  No worries!  “Mercedes Benz Awkwardly” is a terrific...

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The Tomkat Project

BY TAFFY JAFFE Are you a secret tabloid reader? Catch glimpses of the latest gossip on the supermarket line? Buy “national enquirer” when noone is looking? Have no fear, it’s safe to come out of the closet for...

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A Fallopian Fairy Tale

BY KATHLEEN CAMPION   It’s been a week whiffy with estrogen at the New York International Fringe Festival. “First Hand Woman,” “The A-is-for-Abortion Play,” “Mercedes Benz Awkwardly,” and, at Venue 3, well off the beaten...

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