First of all, hats off please to Roundabout Theater Company for picking a play that revolves around the struggle of a woman.  Not a Ho-Hum-I’m-So-Rich-And-Confused play.  Not a...

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I Have No Mouth

What’s powerful and unassuming, both, about this project is that co-author and co-director Feidlim Cannon plays himself, his mother (Ann Cannon, with gentle self-effacement) plays herself, and the psychotherapist (Erich...

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The bracing, sobering and titillating are here, all at once, in this one-woman show starring Laura Campbell, and, though it’s not nitty-gritty graphic (no full nudity, if you’re wondering), it is definitely high art...

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Platanov, or the Disinherited

“After doing a TV show or a film, working with (director) Jay (Scheib) feels like a necessity,” says Sarita Choudhury in a recent interview. “His work is so physical and allows you to break all rules of realism, except of course...

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Peggy Shaw “Ruff”

Brava, or should I say Bravo to Peggy Shaw, the butch lesbian Sean Penn look-alike for her solo show “Ruff”.  She with Lois Weaver, director and co-author, have been presenting theater work with their company Split...

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