Inner Voices

Recently a friend of mine called and invited me to see Inner Voices. I am so very glad he did. I would never have gone had he not asked.

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A lot of inventive minds went into the creation of Found, but it owes its biggest debt to the weird, creative, happy, sorrowful and apparently absent-minded minds of a group of anonymous writers.

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Lennon Through a Glass Onion

It’s much harder to play John Lennon than Abraham Lincoln. For one thing, no one alive knows how Lincoln sounded. And, as far as we know, the sixteenth president never wrote revolutionary rock music or edgy lyrics, or toured with three other lads, driving screaming throngs of hormonally charged teenagers to distraction.

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While I Yet Live

Let it never be said that Billy Porter will run out of plot-lines or characters to support them. As a matter of fact, in this Primary Stages production of While I Yet Live, now at The Duke on42nd Street, there are as many plot-lines as there are characters.

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Amanda McBroom and George Ball – Some Enchanted Evening

“Amanda McBroom and George Ball – Some Enchanted Evening” is so delicious it is off the charts. Aided by their extraordinary partner Michele Brourman on piano and their new best friend Jeff Egan on bass this becomes a nearly perfect evening. Okay – perfect. It is juicy, rich and filled with life. It is for anyone who has ever been in love, who is in love, looking – or has only heard the word as a distant possibility.

Don’t miss it.

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