Welcome Home Sonny T

Welcome Home Sonny T Seeing any theater centering on black culture the day after Nelson Mandela passed, is only made more vivid and meaningful against that backdrop. While race riots may be further in our past than the death of...

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The Pigeoning

With an Office Safety Manual on our laps and an old television set from the 1980’s on stage, a parody of an office safety video plays and sends the audience in a laughing spell. My favorite office safety warning is the segment...

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Private Dancer

  “Private Dancer” is the perfect example of a production which has so much potential to be something intense (capable of pulling tears from watching eyes). Instead it crashes and burns leaving some asleep and others trying...

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It’s okay to pause from reading this and go online to get tickets to this show.  you could even call.  Whatever.  Just do it.  THEN come back and finish up this excellent review. I have a problem with the word fun. I don’t...

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Up and Running

Welcome to Front Row Center!  By clicking on our link you can read a boatload of great theatre reviews!  WE now have over 20 writers. And you can sign up to receive email notifications as well.  See you soon –...

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