Amanda McBroom and George Ball – Some Enchanted Evening

“Amanda McBroom and George Ball – Some Enchanted Evening” is so delicious it is off the charts. Aided by their extraordinary partner Michele Brourman on piano and their new best friend Jeff Egan on bass this becomes a nearly perfect evening. Okay – perfect. It is juicy, rich and filled with life. It is for anyone who has ever been in love, who is in love, looking – or has only heard the word as a distant possibility.

Don’t miss it.

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Uncanny Valley

Uncanny Valley is a two-hander even though one of its characters doesn’t have two hands until scene four.

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The Tempest

When the globe began to swing like a pendulum, sending stars careening around the dark theater to create the wild tempest that opens the play, I knew we were in good hands. Karin Coonrod directs The Tempest with clarity, simplicity, and subtle magic.

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Indian Ink

As I read the other reviews for this production I am in complete awe. Somehow the writers were...

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