The Weiner Monologues

Climbing four flights of stairs to get to the Access Theatre [sic!] sets the expectation bar rather high for The Weiner Monologues presented by The Factory on a short run in Tribeca.  That said, the rich material of Anthony...

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An American Family Takes A Lover

AN AMERICAN FAMILY TAKES A LOVER – What we have here is a piece of experimental theatre placed on fertile ground by enthusiastic artists who will love it through all pains of growth.  Assumed enthusiasm is evidenced by a...

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Maeve’s House

Like Elton John’s tribute to Marilyn Monroe with Candle in the Wind, “Maeve’s House” is Ireland’s...

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The Jacksonian

You know how you felt about that kid you grew up with?  You know the one.  He was the son of ridiculously successful parents and given every opportunity to enjoy and succeed in his blessed life.  But rather than take full...

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La Soirée

It’s not your average night at the theater.  In fact, it’s not your average night anywhere.  La Soirée is a naughty cabaret-cum-circus with an edge of danger. When Mario, Queen of the Circus, urges audience members to pass him...

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