Three Wise Guys Score 90%

Three Wise Guys

This is America during Prohibition, and the rum runners are running wild, bootleggers have yet to be given the boot, and homemade “punch” packs a secret punch.

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Good For Otto Score 70%

Good For Otto

Sparkling performances from a star studded cast of 14 often get lost in this fractured, overly long work by David Rabe.

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The Low Road Score 67%

The Low Road

The  Low Road, now at The Public Theater, has one of the best First Acts I have ever seen.  It is filled with twists, turns, sleight of hand, surprises and deceptions.  It grabs you by the hand and swoops you into its arms before you have a chance to decline.  In addition, it comes equipped with a dandy cliffhanger.  The First Act, however, is followed by the Second Act.  This particular Second Act might serve as reference material should a person ever be asked to explain the old saw, “That’s a hard act to follow.”

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A Letter To Harvey Milk – The Musical Score 80%

A Letter To Harvey Milk – The Musical

There are 16 musical numbers in the play and they are the best element of A Letter To Harvey Milk – The Musical. When, as in several songs, the lyrics contain a wealth of Yiddish, the show is at it’s most entertaining.

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