The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show Score 75%

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show

As I look around the DR2 Theatre, the kids are enjoying themselves.  My daughter leans over and says, “Hey, the face in that moon is pretty kewl!”  Parents are sitting in velvet seats and resting their dogs for 50 full minutes.  These are good things, right?

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Androboros (Villain of the State) Score 45%

Androboros (Villain of the State)

Did you know that the first play that was written and published in this country, in 1714 by Robert Hunter, a Colonial Governor of New York State, has never been performed until now?  That fact alone made me curious to see Peculiar Works Project’s production of Androboros (Villain of the State).  Well, that and the fact that it’s playing at the legendary Fraunces Tavern.  Which, subsequent to the play’s publication became General George Washington’s headquarters during the American Revolution. 

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DISCORD Score 30%


At the light end of the premise, the playwright, Scott Carter, is serving up a staged version of the conversational gambit: If you could have dinner with the three greatest writers in history, whom would you choose?  At the weightier end, you are forced to consider: How do you feel about the conversation by the time the port is served?  Enlightened?  Bilious?

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The Box Show Score 75%

The Box Show

With no connective tissue to speak of, the numerous sketches that have Ms. Salerno portraying women, men, children, sex organs and various inanimate objects work best when they are either short or silly or wordless.

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