Mary Page Marlowe Score 65%

Mary Page Marlowe

I am a big fan of Tracy Letts.  I was stunned by “August: Osage County”.  The story was layered and challenging. Letts’ range is vast and the paths that he chooses are not the beaten ones.  His work as an actor is masterful.  With “Mary Page Marlowe”, however, he has left me in the dust.  I have no idea what was intended or why an audience was included in on the proceedings.

None.  Zero.  Zip.

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Encores! Songs For A New World Score 85%

Encores! Songs For A New World

A great deal of talent, dedication and passion goes into each Encores! show.  That is the overwhelming feeling that greets you at the door.  Everyone, and I mean e-v -e-r-y-o-n-e is thrilled to be at City Center.  It is the perfect intimate venue for the job at hand.  Everyone is there to celebrate, and this exuberance cannot help but infect you.

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Girls and Boys Score 97%

Girls and Boys

You will laugh and you will gasp and you will sit in shock. That kind of journey can only come from great writing, acting and directing.

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Carmen Jones Score 70%

Carmen Jones

The Artistic Director of the Classical Stage Company, John Doyle, is known for directing second looks at musicals in a stripped-down style that allows for a fresh look at a classic.  His Sweeney Todd, Company, and The Color Purple have won numerous awards including Tony’s for all 3.  So, no surprise he’s tackling a revival of the 1943 musical Carmen Jones.  Which is itself Oscar Hammerstein II’s attempt at stripping down Bizet’s 1875 opera Carmen in order to make that format more appealing to a modern audience.

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