A play needs more than a clown car of notions and a three ring circus of ambiguity, even if all that tickles your imagination and spurs your conversation.  In A Parallelogram  are we seeing a visionary young woman who’s perception allows us to entertain remarkable possibilities?  Or, are we visiting the distorted world-view generated by her brain tumor?  Intriguing to consider, but can you give the audience a hint?

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The Suits (Wall Street, Silicon Valley, etc.) dismantle Lady Liberty, a large green cutout, their intent to destroy what makes our country great. And they nearly succeed. But the Lady’s head disappears, and they’re frantic, because the brain is where ideas such as clean air and water, green cards, and the rule of law applied equally to all citizens and to the government itself, reside. But have no fear. The Lady’s head is safe, and it reappears at the end of the play in the safe hands of a wise Buddhist monk. We’re reasonably sure that truth will endure and love will prevail, despite the Suits chant of “Lock her up!”

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A Real Boy

There is a lot of talent and dedication packed into the tiny Theatre C at 59E59 Theaters.  “A Real Boy” is trying very very hard to be a real story about real issues in a roundabout sort of way.  The fact that it fails in spite of the talent and good intentions is disappointing.

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