Lonely Planet Score 85%

Lonely Planet

When Steven Dietz wrote Lonely Planet in 1993, the world was in the 12th year of the AIDS crisis, we didn’t have an effective drug regimen, and we were still mired in the belief that it was a “gay” disease. However, don’t confuse Lonely Planet with earlier works on the subject like Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart or Tony Kushner’s Angels in America. Dietz has written a very quiet, personal play about friendship in the midst of disaster. And because, at its core, Lonely Planet is about the relationship between two people, it transcends the specific circumstances of  AIDS in the 1990’s, and feels very fresh and relevant today.

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Charles Busch: My Kinda 60s Score 85%

Charles Busch: My Kinda 60s

Charles Busch is the camp Bruce Springsteen. As the second famous sexagenarian currently performing to full houses in a one-man musical retrospective, Busch surveys his upbringing while crooning tunes from the likes of Burt Bacharach, Bob Dylan and Jimmy Webb.

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Shakespeare in Love Score 90%

Shakespeare in Love

An ebullient homage to Shakespeare, the theatre, and the actors who bring it to life. A bittersweet romance with many moments of laughter and regret.

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A Night with Janis Joplin Score 80%

A Night with Janis Joplin

Even if you remember the late ’60s only vaguely (for whatever reason), from the Kentucky coalmines to the California sun, Joplin’s music was unforgettable and electrifying, as is this production.

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