Be More Chill Score 92%

Be More Chill

Based on the late Ned Vizzini’s 2004 novel of adolescent angst amid cyber weirdness, and rocked to life by a couple of Joes (score by Mr. Iconis, book by Mr. Tracz), the work is catnip for theater kids and a dynamic dose of escapism for their parents.

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Less Than 50% Score 60%

Less Than 50%

By Tulis McCall When you enter Theatre C at 59E59 Theaters you will notice that the floor of the...

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The House That Will Not Stand Score 70%

The House That Will Not Stand

The location is Faubourg Tremé, New Orleans, Louisiana.  The date – and this is the important part – is 1813.  A decade earlier Napoleon sold a beaucoup chunk of land (828,000 square miles for 15 Million dollars.  Or 529,920,000 acres – not a bad trade) to the U.S. A decade later things in New Orleans were about to change for the 6 women who live in and around this “Creole Cottage.”

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The thematic thrust here is “binary is so last century!”  It’s not so much politically edgy as it is gently teasing, a crash course on LBGTQ+ sensibility, but all very safe.  This high-spirited production is for folks looking for a good time — a lot of pounding good music — young actors with powerhouse voices — and a director who knows his way around a farce.

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Mike Birbiglia: The New One Score 95%

Mike Birbiglia: The New One

Birbiglia sends us into the stratosphere howling at his observations, and brings us to a full stop when he wants to drop deeper into what it means to be a man on the verge of changing his life f-o-r-e-v-e-r. He examines all of it. And going along for the ride is an experience not to be missed. The way life is not to be missed. Get it?

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