The Rape of the Sabine Women Score 80%

The Rape of the Sabine Women

Susannah Perkins’s mesmeric eyes capture you at the get-go.  The entire production rests on her narrow shoulders.  I’ve rarely seen an actor more perfectly cast nor a character more ideally realized.   She puts you in her pocket, and it is up to her to decide when you leave the room.

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In the Blood Score 85%

In the Blood

Saycon Sengbloh’s Hester is a slowly ticking time bomb. At first, in control of her kids and providing what she can, it seems nothing can phase her. Then bit by bit, the clock runs down.

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A Piece of My Heart Score 90%

A Piece of My Heart

This show left me literally speechless. It is intensely moving and enlightening. Approximately 11,000 women served in the Vietnam war and yet we have heard almost nothing about their experiences. It is a tale long overdue in the telling.

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The Woman Illusion Score 60%

The Woman Illusion

Early-career playwright Piper Rasmussen employs a handful of brief sketches intertwined with nifty bits of prestidigitation in an attempt to turn a declaration into a dove. Unfortunately, for the most part, it is our interest that disappears.

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