The Seafarer Score 85%

The Seafarer

Do not expect a tale of marine life from Conor McPherson’s The Seafarer. The only thing the characters in this play are swimming in is alcohol.  Oceans of it.  Mixed with self-loathing, shame, regret and despair.  It wouldn’t seem to be a fertile field for comedy, but The Seafarer delivers plenty of lighter moments and has been called McPherson’s funniest play.

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The Metromaniacs relies on every theatrical conceit,  thespian cliché, and theater convention. No, I could not quite smell the grease paint, but almost. So unless some of that appeals to you, don’t go.  Otherwise, get a gang together and get over there.  It’s a short run.

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We Live By the Sea Score 83%

We Live By the Sea

A captivating examination of an autistic girl’s struggles. Yes, we are transported, but rather than forgetting we are sitting in a theater, we are instead transformed into make-believe characters.

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Mlima’s Tale Score 97%

Mlima’s Tale

On the night I saw this show there was a collective intake of breath as the show faded to black.  The only reason we did not stand and cheer these performers was that we could barely move at all.  So completely had Mlima’s Tale captured us that we forgot where we were. Mlima’s Tale is a play not to be missed.

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