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Later Life Score 80%

Later Life

There was indeed a time before Tinder when a man could meet a love interest at a dinner party full of strangers, and emoji-laden text messages had not yet replaced witty repartee over glasses of wine.

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HAL & BEE Score 75%


Bee is a woman on a mission.  She is running as fast as she can, to escape the crowded, grim, rent-stabilized life she and her husband Hal have devolved to.  She gives us flashes of their young selves — protests, drugs, running from the police. You can almost smell the patchouli! 

Hal is a man in retreat.  He is hiding and collapsing as fast as he can, stoned 24/7, escaping his crowded, grim, rent-stabilized life with video games, a pointless blog, and awash in narcissistic regret.  You just want to smack him into next week.

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