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Edward Albee’s AT HOME AT THE ZOO: Homelife & The Zoo Story Score 90%

Edward Albee’s AT HOME AT THE ZOO: Homelife & The Zoo Story

In 2001 Edward Albee wrote the drawing room one act play, Homelife, as an opening to, The Zoo Story, his 1958 brutal one act classic. Seeing The Zoo Story on it’s own you wonder why does Peter, an upper middle class publisher, husband and father stay in the park and interact with Jerry, a disenfranchised, loner and boarding house occupant. Homelife supplies the answer.

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A Walk With Mr. Heifetz Score 60%

A Walk With Mr. Heifetz

The title A Walk With Mr. Heifetz is misleading, because it leads a person to think that this play may be, like A Walk In The Woods by Lee Blessing an event of some magnitude.  It is not.  It is a seminar on the history of Israel that manages to be one-sided and absent of fireworks of any sort.   

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Kings Score 80%


A deep dig into the financial interests and power grabs of DC’s elected officials and the lobbyists who love them. Well, love is too sympathetic a term. The interactions between the icy characters we encounter here are not so much emotional as they are mutually parasitic.

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Party Face Score 90%

Party Face

Isobel Mahon has written a funny agile play about what and how women manage their way through life and friendships. and how, in the managing and navigating of others, we often find that we have lost ourselves along the way.

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John Lloyd Young – Heart to Heart at Café Carlyle

Well is THIS a pleasant surprise.  I suppose I am the only one on the planet who didn’t know who John Lloyd Young is.  THAT’s over.  The original Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys, Lloyd Young has cashed in on his talent and good fortune to built himself a castle in the sky.  He knows his niche, his music and his audience.  His voice is rich, his style is smooth and reminiscent of the Rat Pack.  His tuxedo is never unbuttoned.  Unlike the Rat Pack, however, Lloyd Young is secure in his skin and generous to both his musicians and his audience.

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