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Pride and Prejudice Score 93%

Pride and Prejudice

During the intermission for Pride and Prejudice I heard more than once, “You should have seen Sense and Sensibility. THAT was stupendous.”  Oiy – I have done this same thing so many times I cannot count.  Compare what is in front of me to something that was.  Well, my chums, I have seen the light. 

I say to you down-players, I say indeed – “Pish-tosh.”  Or if you prefer, “Pish-posh.”  Or as the Bank Manager said to the Loan Officer, “It’s a knick-knack, Paddywack.  Give the frog a loan.”

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Harrry Clarke Score 60%

Harrry Clarke

Seeing this production of Harry Clarke, reminded me once again that Billy Crudup is a terrific actor. It is more than talent.  It is specificity, focus and commitment.  Crudup is a man crafting his craft.

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Enrico IV Score 70%

Enrico IV

It’s the beginning of the 20th century, and in a somewhat lugubrious mansion in the Italian countryside, furnished to resemble Henry’s imperial palace at Goslar and staffed with servants in period costumes, the mad Enrico sits on his throne berating the Emperor’s enemies.

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Muswell Hill Score 85%

Muswell Hill

The dinner party from hell is a tried and true theatrical device.  Playwright Torben Betts takes full advantage of its potential in Muswell Hill and delivers not only the requisite excruciatingly dysfunctional family dynamics, scathing looks at both well-heeled bleeding liberals, and down-at-the-heels revolutionaries, but a sobering shot at self-absorbed aging thespians as well.  Ouch.  And while he does it most entertainingly, with a rapier sharp wit, there’s much food for thought here.

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