Author: Tulis McCall

Attack of the Elvis Impersonators

This is a talented group of performers and musicians.  In addition, there was a ton of effort put into this production – just the special effects and sound alone are impressive.  And you can feel the enthusiasm among the cast and crew.  Everyone is giving it everything they have.  Still, the level of storytelling only achieves that of a college spoof. 

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“Invincible” the kind of production that drives me around the bend.  Here are actors working so very hard and doing fine work, but the are impeded by an inadequate script and unimaginative direction.  It’s like watching an athlete run up the down escalator over and over again.

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Julius Caesar

Because of Bank of America and Delta withdrawing their financial support, this production will be getting way more attention than it deserves.  Not that it is a bad production.  It is a ho-hum production that has so many wink-wink elements stuffed into it that it becomes unbalanced.  The concept of making this a contemporary setting started out as one thing and them morphed into a being all its own.

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Amanda McBroom Celebrates New CD “Voices”

By Tulis McCall Well now.  Haven’t I been having a run of good times around town at cabaret watering holes??  With this writing I add Amanda McBroom to my list of extraordinary events.  McBroom (you HAVE to love that name.  HAVE TO.) was toasted recently by Barbara Bleier and Austin Pendleton in “Beautiful Mistake”.  So suddenly I am familiar with a living (and legendary) composer.  Imagine that! Last Monday, June 5th, Birdland was packed to the rafters with a loving, appreciative and smart audience.  McBroom was there to promote her most recent CD, Voices.  New York is a favorite place...

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Why did I create Usher Nonsense and now Front Row Center??? For my money, the theatre is up there in the ten top reasons to be human. I leave my home and to sit in a dark room with complete strangers and watch actors do their stuff because I want to be inspired. I’m asking to be involved. I’m volunteering to be led down any old path they choose as long as they don’t let go of my hand. And if I see a show, and it is NOT so very good – I will try to divert you,...

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