Author: Tulis McCall

End of Longing

Whether or not a play is based on facts is none of anyone’s business. As a matter of fact, it is often the last nail in the coffin, because “it happened like this” usually triumphs over plot and story lines. In this case we did not fare too badly. It is not great theatre, but it does stick with you.

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The Government Inspector

There are two delicious reasons to see Red Bull’s The Government Inspector.  The first is Michael Urie (no surprise there) and the second is Arnie Burton, who should be employed everywhere.

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Stacy Sullivan – A Night At The Troubadour

These songs, as delivered to perfection by Sullivan, are jewels. She closes her evening with Your Face, Your Smiles, which Sullivan heard first at David Ackles memorial service and was was the first song she recorded. It is s song that bypasses the head and dives directly into your heart. You are defenseless. Which is kind of the idea.

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