Author: Tulis McCall

The Low Road

The  Low Road, now at The Public Theater, has one of the best First Acts I have ever seen.  It is filled with twists, turns, sleight of hand, surprises and deceptions.  It grabs you by the hand and swoops you into its arms before you have a chance to decline.  In addition, it comes equipped with a dandy cliffhanger.  The First Act, however, is followed by the Second Act.  This particular Second Act might serve as reference material should a person ever be asked to explain the old saw, “That’s a hard act to follow.”

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Is God Is

I keep hearing a phrase in my head: For Your Consideration.  This is the jargon come Awards Season.  Here it is not jargon.  Consider this play.  Please do. With “Is God Is”, Alesha Harris has created a myth, or perhaps reassembled many, of gigantic proportion.

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The Amateurs

Well, the title of the play is a fit.  The Amateurs is a well-meant play that, with the exception of a mildly interesting mid-section monologue, remains no more than well-meant.  The actors are unable to transform this loose knit tale into anything resembling whole cloth.  And it is not for lack of trying.

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Hello, Dolly!

The entire production is a creamsicle designed to make you feel good.  Period.  The music is mostly jolly and occasionally poignant.  Love is in the air and people believe in its power and its ability to change your life in a moment.  The dancers and chorus evoke applause just by landing on the stage.  The plot is of course predictable, but that is not why we are there – we are there to be taken on a journey.  Specifically, Dolly’s journey that overflows into the lives of everyone she meets.  Bernadette Peters understands that.  Her response is to hoist the entire audience up on her diminutive shoulders and carry us to Heaven.  

Dolly is finally home, where she belongs.

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A Walk With Mr. Heifetz

The title A Walk With Mr. Heifetz is misleading, because it leads a person to think that this play may be, like A Walk In The Woods by Lee Blessing an event of some magnitude.  It is not.  It is a seminar on the history of Israel that manages to be one-sided and absent of fireworks of any sort.   

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