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Time and the Conways

By Tulis McCall Time and the Conways, the current Roundabout production now at the American Airlines Theatre is a curious and thoughtful piece of writing by J.B. Priestly.  He uses  J. W. Dunne‘s Theory of Time as the frame on which he hangs the cloth of this play.  Time, according to Dunne, is not linear.  Past, present and future intermingle, and all we have to do is pay attention. The Conways are delivered to us in two separate stops along their timeline.  The first is 1919.  The occasion is the 21st birthday of Kay (Charlotte Parry).  Everyone is gathered. ...

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Rita Wilson at the Café Carlyle

By Tulis McCall I didn’t know from Rita Wilson until last night.  Where have I been?  Wilson is, in a word, a jewel.  She is strong, confident, genuine and generous.  Listening to her makes you want to sing.  She has the kind of voice you not only want to listen to, you want to climb into a convertible and sail down a summer road with her voice as a the soundtrack. Her current presentation at the Carlyle features her own music from her sophomore album and selections from her third that will be out in 2018.   She is backed...

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Measure for Measure

By Tulis McCall As I watched the Elevator Repair Service’s production of Measure for Measure at the Public Theater the other night, I experiences a blast from the past. Back in the 1980’s, The Potters Field Theater Company, with whom I worked, decided to stage a Shakespeare Marathon that was on the clock.  The goal was to make it into the Guinness Book as the fastest reading of Shakespeare.  The company members did a sort of tag team reading of all the plays.  They were bivouacked in one of the Macy’s store windows and the reading was piped out...

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Prisoner of Love

By Tulis Mccall Early on in her one woman show, Prisoner of Love, Andrea Bell Wolff lets you know that she is a theatre brat – like some people are Army brats.  She was drafted into the first national tour of Hello Dolly with the most famous Dolly of them all, Carol Channing.  She had a small-ish role as Ermengarde – niece of Dolly’s love interest Horace Vandergelder.  She soon got the role of Minny Faye, the adorable and spunky assistant to Irene Malloy who owned the famous hat shop.  She was 17 when she joined the road trip...

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For Peter Pan on her 70th birthday

By Tulis McCall Let me say right off the bat that I am a fan of Sarah Ruhl.  She not only thinks outside the box, she dwells there.  With For Peter Pan on her 70th birthday (and yes the upper and lower cases are correct) now at Playwrights Horizons, Ms. Ruhl has hidden the welcome mat for out of towners. A family of five children has convened to pay homage and sit vigil as their father, George, (Ron Crawford) lives out his last moments in a hospital.  They have come from near and far.  Two of the brothers are medical doctors...

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