Author: Tulis McCall

Pass Over

I just learned that there is more than one kind of organ donor.  While watching Pass Over my heart was removed from its home and messed with.  I did not realize this, of course, until the end of the show because my heart was returned.  I know that because it was breaking.  Boom.

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I Only Want One Night

Suzy Solidor.  Name ring a bell?  No?  Don’t feel bad.  People come and go, have their spotlight and then leave our memory banks.  (Quick – who won the Tony for Best Musical in 2013.  See what I mean?)  Jessica Walker has once again put her talents to work researching and revealing a woman with whom most (none?) of us are familiar.  Her last appearance at 59E59 Pat Kirkwood Is Angry did much the same in a different format.  With “I Only Want One Night”, Jessica Walker invites us into the pre-WWII Paris where Suzy Solidor held court.

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A Brief History of Women

A Brief History of Women is the story of a man – and only the brilliant Alan Ayckbourn could get away with that.  A master wordsmith and plot crafter, Ayckbourn pulls us ito this 4 chapter story and weaves his magic well before we figure out exactly what he is up to.

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