Author: Tulis McCall

Dr. Bradley’s Fabulous Functional Narcissism: The Solo Show

I am happy to report that the Doctor is IN.  Most recently at Don’t Tell Mama on June 26th.  IN-sync.  IN-spiring.  And just the teeniest bit IN-sane.  Dr. Bradley Jones (yes that shingle is real) has just the right amount of observation, rhythm and razzle-dazzle to charm anyone within earshot.  His patter is not patter.  It is clean and precise. KT Sullivan’s direction is meticulous and serves Jones very well indeed. Jones knows exactly where each word belongs and why.

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Mary Page Marlowe

I am a big fan of Tracy Letts.  I was stunned by “August: Osage County”.  The story was layered and challenging. Letts’ range is vast and the paths that he chooses are not the beaten ones.  His work as an actor is masterful.  With “Mary Page Marlowe”, however, he has left me in the dust.  I have no idea what was intended or why an audience was included in on the proceedings.

None.  Zero.  Zip.

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