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Frozen is a perfect confection.  It is a fairy tale come to live in the present, physical world, where it has little business being, but what the heck. Who couldn’t use a little uplift – especially in these times of callousness and ignorance and all the stuff that makes you want to crawl under the covers until the plague passes.  Besides, who could not use a boatload of special effects??? Frozen is a whole lot of Disney, a little Lloyd-Webber, a little John Williams, a ton of spectacle, and a boat load of that magic elixir, l-o-v-e.

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Angels In America

Angels in America – A Gay Fantasia on National Themes is, as the subtitle suggests, not a play per se.  It is an event. It is a summoning.  Tony Kushner has bid us gather and enter into this tale as if it were a passion play.  We are called to bear witness.  We are called to be the honor guard and walk with this band of actors as they hurtle through time and space, existing in this dimension but visiting a few others as well.  We are put on notice that this tale needs us every bit as much as we need it.  Like the song from the movie Hans Christian Anderson said about a book “You realize as you’re reading it that it’s also reading you.”

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The Low Road

The  Low Road, now at The Public Theater, has one of the best First Acts I have ever seen.  It is filled with twists, turns, sleight of hand, surprises and deceptions.  It grabs you by the hand and swoops you into its arms before you have a chance to decline.  In addition, it comes equipped with a dandy cliffhanger.  The First Act, however, is followed by the Second Act.  This particular Second Act might serve as reference material should a person ever be asked to explain the old saw, “That’s a hard act to follow.”

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Is God Is

I keep hearing a phrase in my head: For Your Consideration.  This is the jargon come Awards Season.  Here it is not jargon.  Consider this play.  Please do. With “Is God Is”, Alesha Harris has created a myth, or perhaps reassembled many, of gigantic proportion.

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The Amateurs

Well, the title of the play is a fit.  The Amateurs is a well-meant play that, with the exception of a mildly interesting mid-section monologue, remains no more than well-meant.  The actors are unable to transform this loose knit tale into anything resembling whole cloth.  And it is not for lack of trying.

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