Author: Tulis McCall

The Thing With Feathers

Alrighty then, THIS was a creepy pleasure, sort of.  The Thing With Feathers, now at the Barrow Group, is not your average love story, no sirree. In fact, it will make you squirm more than once.  Just as Scott Organ intended.

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The Homecoming Queen

“I believe every sad story begins with a celebration.” This is the opening line of the fictitious best-selling book authored by a Nigerian woman named Kalechi who inhabits the title role in The Homecoming Queen. It is modern-day Nigeria and Kalechi (Mfoniso Udofia) is coming home. And she is the Queen of Homecoming for more reasons than those that meet the eye.

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Miles For Mary

First of all the good news. Miles For Mary is a very fine example of what ensemble work is.  More than fine, because everybody in the cast wrote this piece.  That would be Everybody as in e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y plus the director Lila Neuberger. These actors are a pleasure to watch.  They know their craft as performers.  It is the story, however, that needs some attention.

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LaBute New Theatre Festival

Three one acts, each with its own twist that sets it off kilter have been transported to The Big Apple direct from the Actors Studio of St, Louis.  This is a tepid bit of business, and not what I expected from a LaBute New Theatre Festival. 

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Disco Pigs

By Donna Herman I’m on the fence about Irish Repertory Theatre presenting a revival of Enda Walsh’s Disco Pigs in New York.  On the one hand, between the language the play is written in, which is partially made up, and partially a specific Irish dialect (Cork), and the thick, authentic Irish accents of the actors, the dialog is nearly incomprehensible to the American ear.  I find it patronizing and exclusionary to be presented with “Art” that is intentionally meant to be understood only by the initiated.  In fact, it tends to infuriate me. On the other hand, Disco Pigs...

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