Author: Tulis McCall

Rita Wilson: Liner Notes — at the Café Carlyle

I first saw Rita Wilson a year ago at the Café Carlyle and was immediately enchanted.  Wilson is the real deal.  She is talented and generous, exuberant ant thoughtful, hopeful and pragmatic.  With her recent show at the  Café Carlyle, Rita Wilson: Liner Notes, she is extending her reach to bring other artists into our spheres of reference.  It is not enough for Wilson to stand in the spotlight.  She wants to spread the wealth.

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Sakina’s Restaurant

Early on in Sakina’s Restaurant, Aasif Mandvi – both author and sole actor – is a narrator, Azgi, who a recent arrival to America from India.  Soon after he gets here he tells us, I have found that in America, if you just smile and nod your head, and say “yes, yes, yes, you are absolutely right” people love you!   This is pretty much how this play is structured.  There is a lot of yes, yes, yes as we empathize with these characters’ journeys.  There is not, however, some specific element that ties them all together, other than their heritage.

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What The Constitution Means To Me

All in all, Schreck’s is an electric presentation  One only wishes she would be presenting it for a joint session of Congress.  Not that they would listen, but osmosis would be bound to achieve something. Wouldn’t it???

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Girl From The North Country

Girl From The North Country is one of those once-in-a-lifetime productions.  You, I, we go to the theatre like some people go to church or temple or the Mosque or wherever it is that spirit touches your life.  We go out of obligation or curiosity or habit.  Most of the time it is worth it because we are touched on some level that we did not know existed.  Then there are those few and magnificent occasions when you see a show like Girl From The North Country and the lid is blown off of your life.

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