Author: Tulis McCall

Sugar in Our Wounds

Donja Love was set on the path of truth the day he came out to his mother.  She said, “As a parent, all you want is for your child to live an easy life, but you won’t. Your life will be hard, because there are millions of people in this world who don’t even know you and want you dead.” As he puts it, this honesty opened him to a chance to discover Queer Black narratives.  Like Tarell Alvin McCraney, Mr. Love chooses to take us into worlds that have been smothered by the story tellers with power.  His is a direct approach – sort of.

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Pass Over

I just learned that there is more than one kind of organ donor.  While watching Pass Over my heart was removed from its home and messed with.  I did not realize this, of course, until the end of the show because my heart was returned.  I know that because it was breaking.  Boom.

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I Only Want One Night

Suzy Solidor.  Name ring a bell?  No?  Don’t feel bad.  People come and go, have their spotlight and then leave our memory banks.  (Quick – who won the Tony for Best Musical in 2013.  See what I mean?)  Jessica Walker has once again put her talents to work researching and revealing a woman with whom most (none?) of us are familiar.  Her last appearance at 59E59 Pat Kirkwood Is Angry did much the same in a different format.  With “I Only Want One Night”, Jessica Walker invites us into the pre-WWII Paris where Suzy Solidor held court.

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A Brief History of Women

A Brief History of Women is the story of a man – and only the brilliant Alan Ayckbourn could get away with that.  A master wordsmith and plot crafter, Ayckbourn pulls us ito this 4 chapter story and weaves his magic well before we figure out exactly what he is up to.

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