Author: Tulis McCall

Mlima’s Tale

On the night I saw this show there was a collective intake of breath as the show faded to black.  The only reason we did not stand and cheer these performers was that we could barely move at all.  So completely had Mlima’s Tale captured us that we forgot where we were. Mlima’s Tale is a play not to be missed.

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Feeding the Dragon

By Tulis McCall In Feeding the Dragon Sharon Washington show us exactly who she is.  A warm, sensitive, funny and adventurous woman who happens to have a spectacular tale to tell.   She is a woman of some pedigree, tracing her mother’s pure New York side back to 1835 when her great-grandmother, Elizabeth Henry, was born on Mulberry Street.  Her father was a Gullah, and hailed from Charleston where his people had lived for over a century.  Her Gramma Louise Middleton Washington got her name from the Middleton Plantation in South Carolina. As to her own coming up, well, Washington...

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Miss you Like Hell

Miss You Like Hell, now at the The Public’s Newman Theater is an ambitious piece. It is a classic hero’s journey.  In a way – and I mean this sincerely – it is like The Wizard of Oz.  One person sets off on a quest and along the way she gathers her tribe to support her, to teach her, and, finally, to guide her home.

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Three Tall Women

My advice to you is get your tickets to Three Tall Women, and get them now.  June will be here before you know it – spring not so much – and this production will close.  Over martinis, for years to come, people will say to you, “Did you see it?” and you don’t want to be caught with your knickers down.

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Frozen is a perfect confection.  It is a fairy tale come to live in the present, physical world, where it has little business being, but what the heck. Who couldn’t use a little uplift – especially in these times of callousness and ignorance and all the stuff that makes you want to crawl under the covers until the plague passes.  Besides, who could not use a boatload of special effects??? Frozen is a whole lot of Disney, a little Lloyd-Webber, a little John Williams, a ton of spectacle, and a boat load of that magic elixir, l-o-v-e.

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