Author: Sarah Tuft

The Last Temptation of Paula Deen

Fell Swoop Playwrights has done it again. For the 2014 Hollywood Fringe, they’ve served up an extra helping of the famed shamed Southern restaurateur and entrepreneur, Paula Deen. And just as The Miss Julie Dream Project stripped bare the sexual politics underlying a play, The Last Temptation of Paula Deen cracks open the racial politics underlying a personality, whose celebrity rose like a biscuit and fell like a sack of cornmeal busted wide open at the seams. And that’s what Fell Swoop does to Paula’s life.

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The Mermaid Who Learned To Fly

Kyla Garcia’s The Mermaid Who Learned To Fly is a one-woman show that’s part autobiography, part fairy tale and part performance art. It tells the tail (sic) of Victoria Valentin, a starry eyed dreamer who yearns to be a writer. Like all good little girls, she works hard and is rewarded with honors in the idyllic world of education. But when she hits young adulthood, she hits a wall; she falls in love – twice. Soon Victoria Valentin is torn between two lovers – one male, the other female – one stable, the other feral. Garcia reaches for all...

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The Conduct of Life

10pm Saturday night and I’m watching a woman being raped only five feet in front of me. Her body is smooth, child-like and toned. His body is smooth, manly and toned. Not so different from Game Of Thrones… only this rape is being staged to expose, not to titillate. And this is the Hollywood Fringe Festival, known for micro-budgets and 15-minute load-ins, not for expensive sets and fantastic costumes. But there were other reasons to stay in my seat despite my fear that a depiction of violence against women was about to be misrepresented for about the billionth time....

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Total Novice

As a recent transplant from New York, I was delighted to discover that LA has a vibrant creative community, more expansive than what I’d anticipated and more welcoming than any I’d experienced back home. LA’s the Wild Wild West where your credibility is determined by the work itself and how inventively you get it out there, rather than by your academic pedigree or credits with established tastemakers. Everyone wears multiple hats here; everyone is hyphenated. I can’t tell you how many filmmakers have shown me their paintings on their iPhones right in the middle of a networking event. And...

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