Author: Stanford Friedman

Charles Busch: My Kinda 60s

Charles Busch is the camp Bruce Springsteen. As the second famous sexagenarian currently performing to full houses in a one-man musical retrospective, Busch surveys his upbringing while crooning tunes from the likes of Burt Bacharach, Bob Dylan and Jimmy Webb.

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The Box Show

With no connective tissue to speak of, the numerous sketches that have Ms. Salerno portraying women, men, children, sex organs and various inanimate objects work best when they are either short or silly or wordless.

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Mary Jane

Within the whip smart construct of Amy Herzog’s inspired work, having compassion for others, having a knack for maintaining normalcy, and having a kick-ass employee health plan are enough to keep Mary Jane from going ballistic. Whether or not she is collapsing from within is another matter.

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In the Blood

Saycon Sengbloh’s Hester is a slowly ticking time bomb. At first, in control of her kids and providing what she can, it seems nothing can phase her. Then bit by bit, the clock runs down.

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