Author: Stanford Friedman


An engaging think piece that wonders if opposites attract or if opposites attack. Some play titles operate on two levels; this one operates on so many levels it is hard to keep count. The word itself pops up in the script some 26 times and the work, ultimately, is a study of actuality, how internal and external forces can alter the memory of an experience.

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Red Roses Green Gold

Even if you don’t know the Dead from the Zombies, you will still find enough catchy numbers to carry you through. On the other hand, if you’re a purest who would have trouble listening to “Touch of Grey” sung as a rousing chorus number, you might want to stay at home with your vinyl.

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The Last Match

Tension, anyone? Anna Ziegler’s new play, The Last Match, is a story about families in the guise of a tennis match. Or, perhaps it is a tennis match overwhelmed by the need for family.

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