Author: Stanford Friedman

Days to Come

This earnest production breathes new life into a depression era tale of unrequited love amid theories of economics. Boasting top notch production values and veteran actors, it is highly watchable, if not highly relatable.

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Be More Chill

Based on the late Ned Vizzini’s 2004 novel of adolescent angst amid cyber weirdness, and rocked to life by a couple of Joes (score by Mr. Iconis, book by Mr. Tracz), the work is catnip for theater kids and a dynamic dose of escapism for their parents.

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Straight White Men

Straight White Men is an equal-opportunity play, in that there is not enough to it to satisfy anyone. It is also a missed opportunity play. Ostensibly an examination of the meaning of accomplishment as applied to a family of man-boys, the production stumbles and stalls.

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Emojiland is set within the confines of an iPhone where there’s enough friction, warm friendship, heated passion and general blasts of energy transpiring among it’s digitized citizens to burn a hole in your pocket.

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