Author: Stanford Friedman


Clare Lizzimore is betting that the audience will buy in to 90 minutes of analysis and hallucination before learning what has gotten her heroine here in the first place. And thanks to a talented cast, crisp direction and some poetic touches by the playwright, the gambit mostly pays off.

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Can You Forgive Her?

A tale of bad romance and questionable financial planning is set in a dead woman’s house on Halloween, but the playwright is not so much concerned with physical threats as she is with intellectual and socioeconomic ones.

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A Life Behind Bars

For Ruth, bars are not bastions of cheery comradery. Having worked and patronized a slew of them in Manhattan and Brooklyn, they are little purgatories where a health inspector can ruin your day and burgeoning hipsters wave for service using their selfie sticks.

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Baghdaddy is a great musical trapped inside of a good musical. Based upon the actual events that led the United States to invade Iraq in 2003, the production is sometimes at battle with itself. At its best, it is a touching look at how small, human flaws can escalate toward catastrophe. At its worst, it is sketch comedy, albeit with free donuts and coffee for the audience.

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