Author: Stanford Friedman

In the Blood

Saycon Sengbloh’s Hester is a slowly ticking time bomb. At first, in control of her kids and providing what she can, it seems nothing can phase her. Then bit by bit, the clock runs down.

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The Woman Illusion

Early-career playwright Piper Rasmussen employs a handful of brief sketches intertwined with nifty bits of prestidigitation in an attempt to turn a declaration into a dove. Unfortunately, for the most part, it is our interest that disappears.

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Curvy Widow

With plenty of money on hand, plenty of men who are a mouse click away, and with no pesky responsibilities like children or a 9 to 5 job, Bobby’s story is high on privilege and low on morality. She is not so much Auntie Mame as anti-Mame.

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A Wall Apart

Romance driven by geopolitics makes for a risky venture and, despite solid performances throughout, the creators never quite find a proper balance. Generally, they err on the side of sibling rivalries and lovey dovey-ness.

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