Author: Sarah Downs


“See yourself in the mirror, you’re separate from yourself. See the world in the mirror, you’re separate from the world.”

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Distant Star

The Underground Theater at the Abrons Arts Center, some uniquely creative and though-provoking theater is taking place. Javier Antonio González has woven a tale of mystery and darkness; of poetry, an inexplicable murder and quiet disappearance, drawing us into a surreal world where language is personal, the personal is political, and politics is everything.

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A Piece of My Heart

This show left me literally speechless. It is intensely moving and enlightening. Approximately 11,000 women served in the Vietnam war and yet we have heard almost nothing about their experiences. It is a tale long overdue in the telling.

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Money Talks

It’s 2017 and Ben Franklin is turning over in his grave – or at least in his engraving. What’s a philosopher to do? There’s nothing for it but to step out of history and bust out some aphorisms. Oh yes, we need a little Franklin, right this very minute.

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Places, the Story of Alla Nazimova

Theda Bara, Greta Garbo, Louise Brooks — elusive, seductive women of silent film — who trafficked in mystery and sensation; whose lives became legend.  All were rebels and rule breakers; some flamed out when talking pictures arrived; others managed the transition to go on to greater fame.  One diva missing from this pantheon is Alla Nazimova, a star of the Moscow Arts Theater and Broadway, whose charisma and talent took her to Hollywood and whose flamboyance and self-assured lesbianism destined her to destruction by the Production Code, male hegemony and discrimination.  Her star on Hollywood’s walk of fame tells...

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