Author: Sarah Downs

Steve Tyrell at the Café Carlyle

Loaded with Texan charm, Steve Tyrell brings a relaxed style to his performance of everything from jazz standards to the music of the 60s and beyond. What a pleasure to see a performer be himself, rather than trying to fit someone else’s lesser mold.

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Ersatz opera meets ersatz rock in a loud, at times cheesy, show that tries too hard, but in the end Rocktopia is good fun. If you like American Idol, that is. Just bring ear plugs!

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Three Wise Guys

This is America during Prohibition, and the rum runners are running wild, bootleggers have yet to be given the boot, and homemade “punch” packs a secret punch.

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Hallelujah, Baby!

A throwback to a bygone era, Hallelujah, Baby! is unapologetically Broadway, with everything from ballads to fan dancing, although in this concert production you have to imagine the fans. It is moving and great fun at the same time, with solid performances by an excellent cast.

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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

The story of Frankenstein’s Monster’s ‘life’ is a tale of innocence, fear, beauty and cruelty. I had hoped this production would explore that range of nuance, illuminating the heart behind the horror. Unfortunately the collection of diverse elements never fully coalesces into a coherent whole.

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