Author: Raphael Badagliacca

Swimming at the Ritz

Actors and directors agree that it is particularly challenging to portray a real person. “Swimming at the Ritz” takes it so much further — a historical person “becomes real” for the audience during the play. Before “Swimming at the Ritz” we may have heard of Pamela Harriman; after the play, we know her.

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Six Passionate Women

This is a romp.  But beneath the comedic surface are more serious questions, the kind that never offer up complete answers, no matter how deeply we delve.  Leave it to an Italian to ask about the crossover between being moved by beauty and the desire to create something moving and beautiful, between the drama acted out every day and the drama that reaches stage or screen, the roles we assign each other, who is directing and who is directed, where theft ends and art begins, all disguised as a whimsical play I am tempted to call an interplay. Mario...

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Dinner With The Boys

Here are two characters in a predicament as lonely as that of the two hobos in Waiting for Godot, caught in an ongoing exchange as situational and comical as any between Abbot and Costello. Like Vladimir and Estragon here are two guys waiting for their fate. But unlike Beckett’s play, something does happen and it keeps happening to our delight

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