Author: Raphael Badagliacca

Multiple Family Dwelling

What are we saying when we talk? And what are we not saying?

Multiple Family Dwelling, another world premiere at the New Jersey Repertory Company in Long Branch, is about the things we are careful not to say in our conversations, and how, inevitably, they all come out.

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By Raphael Badagliacca Theater is about risk-taking. If your play is about an actual person, the stakes are higher. If the span of your subject’s life is so recent that it overlaps the lives of members of your audience, then the stakes go even higher. If you dare to stage a fictional encounter designed to capture and express the essence of the human being, then all of your chips are on the table. Kunstler excels at every level, bringing alive not only a famous character, but the era in which he lived and the controversies in which he played...

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Last weekend to take The JAG for a spin. Another impressive world premiere from NJ Rep in Long Branch. The set alone is worth the ride. The cast makes the ride unforgettable.

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The aura ran madcap through the hallways at The Pit Loft Sunday night where Solocom was in full swing for the fourth straight day. Tell me another time when the words “Make sure your cell phones are turned on” began a show.

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Sometimes you see something you wish everyone could see. I’m thinking not only of playwright Donald Steele’s writing, which is always engaging, but also of how it was staged tonight, in an elegant apartment in the west village, where actors Shauna Bloom and John Lampe plied their trade in the most noteworthy fashion.

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