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Last night there was more than one murder in a dimly-lit parking lot on the Lower East Side.  Innocent passersby were arrested in their tracks by what they happened upon.  But they should not have been so surprised.  Scenes like this have been taking place on this exact spot for more than 20 years. This is Shakespeare in the Parking Lot. Last night the mighty Othello was brought down by the knavish genius Iago.  But an even greater tragedy befell this plot.  Last night was the final night in a score of years – Shakespeare will no longer be...

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Lucky Me

“Lucky me,” I was thinking to myself once again as I sat in the NJ Repertory Theatre in Long Branch, because this theatre is such a find. Twenty minutes before show time were enough to quietly marvel at the set – a seemingly fully-functional kitchen, a dead ringer for the ones audience members may have just left on their way to a play about to start. It reminded me how much and varied artistry it takes to bring the mere words of a script to life which must be why they call it – a production. As it turns...

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Fallaci, a Woman Against

In a sense, a reading is a greater test of a script than a full-fledged play, precisely because in a reading all you have are the words. But what could be more appropriate for a figure as invested in words as Oriana Fallaci? She is the subject of “Fallaci, a Woman Against,” one more performance in the eclectic two-week run (June 9 -24) of In Scena, the Italian Theater Festival taking place in all five boroughs of NYC.

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Hanno Tutti Ragione – Everybody’s right

IN SCENA Italian Theater Festival “Hanno tutti ragione” – Everybody’s Right reviewed by Raphael Badagliacca June 14, 2014 If you’re ready for something entirely different or if you’re naturally drawn to things Italian – and who isn’t? – mark your calendar for the In Scena Italian Theater Festival, beginning with this unique play. The festival runs in all five NYC boroughs through June 24. Go here for the calendar: This is a play based upon a novel written by an award-winning movie director, Paolo Sorrentino. The novel is nearly 400 pages long; the play is less than 5,000...

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A View of the Mountains

Count your blessings. That’s what audiences at playwright Lee Blessing’s “A View of the Mountains” can do through May 25 at the New Jersey Repertory Company in Long Branch. So can all the residents in surrounding areas – to have such a theatre within reach. Once again, the set, the acting, the direction, the intimacy achieved between audience and performers reach a level of excellence that begins with the choice of material. “The play’s the thing,” and for that, we need to thank Mr. Blessing. A number of years ago I saw his “Cobb” off-Broadway in NYC where the three...

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