Author: Raphael Badagliacca

Hanno Tutti Ragione – Everybody’s right

IN SCENA Italian Theater Festival “Hanno tutti ragione” – Everybody’s Right reviewed by Raphael Badagliacca June 14, 2014 If you’re ready for something entirely different or if you’re naturally drawn to things Italian – and who isn’t? – mark your calendar for the In Scena Italian Theater Festival, beginning with this unique play. The festival runs in all five NYC boroughs through June 24. Go here for the calendar: This is a play based upon a novel written by an award-winning movie director, Paolo Sorrentino. The novel is nearly 400 pages long; the play is less than 5,000...

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A View of the Mountains

Count your blessings. That’s what audiences at playwright Lee Blessing’s “A View of the Mountains” can do through May 25 at the New Jersey Repertory Company in Long Branch. So can all the residents in surrounding areas – to have such a theatre within reach. Once again, the set, the acting, the direction, the intimacy achieved between audience and performers reach a level of excellence that begins with the choice of material. “The play’s the thing,” and for that, we need to thank Mr. Blessing. A number of years ago I saw his “Cobb” off-Broadway in NYC where the three...

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Human Fruit Bowl

This play is a spoken meditation on so many things – art, subjects, objects, knowing, not knowing, thinking that we know when we really don’t – heady stuff – embodied throughout in the quiddity of the naked, young girl standing before us. Let’s admit we can’t take our eyes off her.  But we also can’t stop listening to her. This is a unique experience.  When before have playgoers been offered pencil, paper and a lapboard so they can draw what they see?   (The image at the top of this review is a snapshot of a sketch that the woman...

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Date Of A Lifetime

If you are male or female and find yourself anywhere within a 250-mile radius of the New Jersey Repertory Theatre in Long Branch, New Jersey – that’s at least five states I can count – you can’t afford not to see Date of a Lifetime. Buy a ticket today.  Here’s why:  It’s outrageously funny, clever, timely, musically and verbally brilliant, but most of all because every step, lyric and note rings true. Date of a Lifetime achieves that rare combination – it is both light and substantial – that leaves audiences smiling and reflective.  And it is fast-moving.  The...

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