Author: Raphael Badagliacca

Dinner With The Boys

Here are two characters in a predicament as lonely as that of the two hobos in Waiting for Godot, caught in an ongoing exchange as situational and comical as any between Abbot and Costello. Like Vladimir and Estragon here are two guys waiting for their fate. But unlike Beckett’s play, something does happen and it keeps happening to our delight

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Fallaci, a Woman Against

In a sense, a reading is a greater test of a script than a full-fledged play, precisely because in a reading all you have are the words. But what could be more appropriate for a figure as invested in words as Oriana Fallaci? She is the subject of “Fallaci, a Woman Against,” one more performance in the eclectic two-week run (June 9 -24) of In Scena, the Italian Theater Festival taking place in all five boroughs of NYC.

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