Author: Michael Hillyer

Tales From The Trundle

South of Katz’s Deli on Houston Street, somewhere along the narrow urban labyrinth of tattoo parlors, bike shops, slick bars and knish bakeries on the crowded, short blocks that comprise today’s hip lower East Side, there is a private club so private that I am not allowed to mention its name in this article. For the initiated, it has sister outposts in Hong Kong and London, and when one enters into its spare reception area just a few feet away from the leather and graffiti milieu of Ludlow Street at dusk, there is a jarring sense of disconnect. You...

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Pacific Overtures

Pacific Overtures, originally mounted on Broadway in 1976 by Harold Prince as a full-blown Kabuki spectacle, opened then to mixed critical reception in the press and closed after about six months, dividing the theatre world at the time forever into those who saw it, and those who didn’t.

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To paraphrase the playwright Lope de Vega, and to offer this riveting production the highest compliment of the theatre, Indecent is pretty much just three boards, two actors, and one magnificent, transcendent passion.

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