Author: Michael Hillyer

Meteor Shower

I wish I had more to say, but I’ll admit that I am at a loss for words after seeing “Meteor Shower,” Steve Martin’s absurd new comedy at the Booth Theatre.  What does one say about an entertainment this lightweight, this pointless, this short? I could start, I suppose, with an observation about the splendid cast and design team assembled by Jerry Zaks, the director, and the surprising amount of theatrical talent that has been squandered upon this absurdist soufflé.   Or, I could just jump right into the issue of high expectations and low return; this production had one...

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Hello, Again — Film Review

Hello, Again, Tom Gustafson’s film version of Michael John LaChiusa’s 1993 musical (itself an adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler’s 1900 play La Ronde), is yet another example of why it is so difficult for musicals to translate to the screen, but it is certain to add a new perspective to the debate, to put it mildly. A series of vignettes marking the sexual encounters of ten characters, Hello, Again begins, as does La Ronde, with an exterior episode  between a soldier and a streetwalker. Scene two, the soldier couples with a nurse; scene three, the nurse with a student, scene...

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As You Like It

By Michael Hillyer There is a fleeting moment, not too far into John Doyle’s stripped-down, intermission-less production of William Shakespeare’s As You Like It, now playing through October 22nd at the Classic Stage Company on East 13th Street, where all of one’s hopes are realized. That is when Ellen Burstyn, as Jacques, begins the speech, “All the world’s a stage,” and everything else just simply stops. Nothing else matters; you could hear a pin drop. This is what we came to see, and in the time it takes to cross slowly across the stage, Ms. Burstyn’s sadly stoic Jacques...

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