Author: Massimo Iacoboni

Marvin’s Room

While it may have augured well for its creator, who died in 1992 at age 33 after receiving several major awards, it seems to have lost much of its vigor in the intervening decades.

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Fulfillment Center

The sprawling emptiness of the South West’s desert is mirrored in the hearts of four troubled characters in Abe Koogler’s “Fulfillment Center”, an exploration of existential anxiety and human disconnectedness set in and around a New Mexico shipping facility.

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My Eyes Went Dark

A grieving father and husband, Nikolai Koslov (Declan Conlon), is having a hard time letting go of his rage. After his wife and two children lose their lives in a plane crash, his main concern is for those who survived. Was it an accident? A terrorist act? Who is responsible? And, most of all, who will be punished?

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“Locker room talk” doesn’t even begin to describe the dialogue in the play’s beginning scene, which might nevertheless make you smile through very gritted teeth. It’s as broad as humor gets, and it makes for rather juvenile comedy.

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