Author: Margret Echeverria

The Jacksonian

You know how you felt about that kid you grew up with?  You know the one.  He was the son of ridiculously successful parents and given every opportunity to enjoy and succeed in his blessed life.  But rather than take full advantage of what he was given and the head start he had on his future and fortune, he got really lazy, smoked a lot of pot and blamed everyone in his life but himself for his unhappiness.  Yeah.  The way you feel about that guy is how I feel about this production. Beth Henley, THE JACKSONIAN’s author, was born in Jackson, Mississippi, where this play takes place.  She went to Southern Methodist University.  She is steeped in Sweet Tea laced with Tupelo Honey.  Beth Henley has a love affair with language that is unique to the Southern United States and borders on Shakespearian in its passion.  The lines she gives her characters are nuggets of gold.  Her story-telling is wrought with intrigue and wrapped in clever humor brought about by lovely turns of phrase that warm the listener and give attention-holding insight into the character who is speaking. To my utter dismay this production killed the gift that Beth Henley gave it.  (There was a terrible chemical odor in the theatre to magnify all other offenses.)  God bless this cast, some of whom have proven themselves to be...

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Marie Antoinette

BY MARGRET ECHEVERRIA   It is a dangerous endeavor to present a dramatization of history to a New York City audience that will surely be comprised of intellects and cynics – especially when the history presented is somewhat familiar and a frequently favorite story among dramatic storytellers.   What a thrill it was to be in the presence of a genius collaboration of writer, director and cast and witness this production which deftly surmounts all risk and draws one in from its very first moment. Marie Antoinette is often sold as a vapid creature incapable of preventing her eventual slaughter. ...

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