Author: Margret Echeverria

Dear Evan Hansen

This reviewer is not a huge fan of musicals by any means – too much distraction and not enough story in most cases – but “Dear Evan Hansen” is a show that holds you tight with its honesty of story told in a way that delights you to your very toes….The first dancing sequence, choreographed by Danny Mefford. between Jared, Connor and Evan is a total squeal; I wanted to see it again immediately …. Director, Michael Greif, pulled together way more than a schmaltzy musical here. Who knew?

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Career Suicide

And I’ll say this about suicide: I don’t see what’s cowardly about it. To me it means someone
had a lot of problems and they couldn’t fight through them anymore. It’s not cowardly, it’s sad
and nothing but. We should stop judging it. It’s brutal.

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