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Transport at the Irish Rep is ambitious.  A convict ship full of Irish women in chains and curls and rage, departs Cork, headed for Botany Bay as the darkest days of the famine bear down on Ireland.  The story is epic.  What’s more, a surprising triple-play of people came together to tell the tale, write the music, and move the action.  Novelist Thomas Keneally (Schindler’s List) did the book.  Larry Kirwan, who leads New York’s best known Celtic band, Black 47, did the music and lyrics.  Tony Walton, long known for his distinctive set and costume design before moving on...

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London Wall

Pass through a sidewalk bridge on West 43rd Street and up three flights to the Mint Theater Company and get comfortable with 1930s London—the era between the wars when women went to offices. At Walker, Windermere & Co in London Wall, (the address from which John Van Druten takes his title) they do the tedious, low level work of the law—filing, typing, copying, binding—work the playwright judged “sordid and routine” calling on his own experience as a clerk in a solicitor’s office. Van Druten is celebrated for his character driven plays, and London Wall certainly qualifies.  The leads, Elise Kibler (Pat...

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Hurly Burly

David Rabe takes his title for Hurlyburly from Shakespeare’s witches (A-1, S-1 MacBeth): First Witch: “When shall we three meet again / In thunder, lightning, or in  rain?” Second Witch: “When the hurlyburly’s done, / When the battle’s lost and  won.” One “battle” in seeing the current re-staging of the Tony-nominated, 1984 hit is finding the Chain Theatre in Long Island City.  Another is, you must check your twenty-first-century sensibilities at the door.   The play is dated. Press notes explain:  Set in the cocaine-and-sex-infused Hollywood Hills of the mid-1980s, Hurlyburly, is a chilling comedy focusing on four men caught in a world of...

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Just The Two Of Each Of Us

SubCulture at 45 Bleecker St., Downstairs is one of those understated, cool venues that make you glad you came.   On a frigid Tuesday, the corner of Bleecker, a scooch east of Lafayette, is welcoming.  There is a full bar, heads-up staff, floor seating and raked seating at the back of the room The minimal stage – no props no scenery – looks like an ideal set for standup comedy, and often, it is.  This night, The Pajama Men, two men, literally in pajamas take the stage.  They are Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez and they have been touring this odd, though...

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Outside Mullingar

John Patrick Shanley’s latest, Outside Mullingar, is a tight, four-character, one-act that just opened at the manhattan Theatre Club’s Samuel J. Friedman. Set in the Irish Midlands, the two American actors, Debra Messing and Peter Maloney, struggle with the dialect, while the two Irish-born actors, Dearbhla Molloy and Brian F. O’Byrne, cruise. The four characters are anchored to the land near Mullingar, on adjoining cattle and sheep farms that the two younger characters are destined to inherit.  The conflict blooms as Rosemary (Debra Messing) chases Anthony (Brian F. O’Byrne) with conviction and near aggression. The hero of our piece is undone...

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