Author: Kathleen Campion


Stephen Pasquale plays the alpha male no one can effectively challenge.  Yet, on some level he is beguiling; his conviction and confidence compel you to consider his “wisdom of the markets” position.  He embodies the BSDs of the era

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It’s a funny play.  Wet your panties funny?  No, much better…right from the get go. you laugh and you remain tickled, in the mood to keep laughing…through all 100 minutes.

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At the light end of the premise, the playwright, Scott Carter, is serving up a staged version of the conversational gambit: If you could have dinner with the three greatest writers in history, whom would you choose?  At the weightier end, you are forced to consider: How do you feel about the conversation by the time the port is served?  Enlightened?  Bilious?

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The Rape of the Sabine Women

Susannah Perkins’s mesmeric eyes capture you at the get-go.  The entire production rests on her narrow shoulders.  I’ve rarely seen an actor more perfectly cast nor a character more ideally realized.   She puts you in her pocket, and it is up to her to decide when you leave the room.

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A play needs more than a clown car of notions and a three ring circus of ambiguity, even if all that tickles your imagination and spurs your conversation.  In A Parallelogram  are we seeing a visionary young woman who’s perception allows us to entertain remarkable possibilities?  Or, are we visiting the distorted world-view generated by her brain tumor?  Intriguing to consider, but can you give the audience a hint?

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