Author: Casey Curtis

Judy Collins Defeats Trump

Vocally, Ms. Collins is still a unique presence — she enters soprano ranges without ever sounding operatic. Notes dance, lyrics are separated interestingly for meaning and effect. Vocal choices draw you into the music and keep you transfixed.

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Ana Gasteyer at Cafe Carlyle

Sitting in Cafe Carlyle, eating well, and sipping a drink is a quintessential New York experience from another era. Laughing with Ana Gasteyer and listening to her sing is — let’s do the time warp again — a modern pleasure. Putting those two together makes for a marvelous night in any year.

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Tuck Everlasting

This musical has much to recommend it, but overall it is inconsistent as a work of art. It has charm and poignancy in places, but a corny, dated feel elsewhere.

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Mike Birbiglia – Thank God for Jokes

Mike Birbiglia carves a niche by being an amiable “rambler” of a story teller. But make no mistake, this is a carefully crafted ramble where every destination is appealing and all roads eventually converge and lead to a satisfying destination.

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