Author: Jessica N. Mastronardi

The List (The Greatest, Most Ambitious 100 American Movies Mash-Up Parody Ever Stitched Together)

*disclaimer-please take plot description with a grain of salt, there was A LOT of content.   Once in a while a show comes along that can easily be reviewed in one sentence: GO SEE IT NOW! Since I am not sure if I am allowed to end it there I will elaborate, but The List, my friends, is one of those shows. Before I even attempt to explain the plot of this show, I am going to reiterate the title in its entirety: “The List (The Greatest, Most Ambitious 100 American Movies Mash-Up Parody Ever Stitched Together)”. A title...

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His Majesty The Devil

And the winner of “show most difficult to write a review on” goes to…His Majesty, The Devil! A very disturbed young man (Colin Pip Dixon) wakes from a very disturbed sleep to find the very disturbed devil (MacIntyre Dixon) has been waiting for him. Except the devil isn’t really that disturbed, not until the end. For the majority of the show he is quite amusing, chipper if you will. Still, amidst his folk singing, bubble blowing, button pushing antics, he never looses sight of why he is really here. In a haze of screaming, singing, praying and violin playing...

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A title is a funny thing. From obvious to ironic to everything in between, it is sometimes all you have to go on. In this case the title appears to be working as a decoy, a title that fits perfectly. Rachel (Eilis Cahill) is in a bad place. Technically, she is in Brazil for the World Cup which is a pretty desired place. But for the purposes of this story, she is in a very bad place. Trying to recuperate from an alcohol induced head injury and the death of her father; all she wants is some space and...

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Vestments of the Gods

Well, I didn’t see that coming. To be fair, they do mention the presence of a tragedy, but even so. I just didn’t see it coming. While anyone with half a pulse can ascertain the message they are trying to convey, Vestments of The Gods seems to be geared towards a generation driven by technology, impulse and the immense pressure to fit in. A generation that needs to know, and is in the process of learning, how truly tragic a consequence can be. It’s Halloween at Thebes Street Elementary School and students and faculty are dressed for the occasion....

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Warning: reader may be subject to seeing an absurd amount of elongated “caps locked” phrases. HELLOOOOOO READERSSS! For one night, and one night only, Oprah Winfrey is back where she belongs. With a title like Oprahfication, one can pretty easily deduce that the show will, in some way, involve its namesake in the flesh. What’s less predictable, but nonetheless assured, is how COMPLETELY SPOT ON Rachel Dunham is in her portrayal of the most powerful woman to ever grace the small screen. Ready…and….action! With 25 years of training under her belt, Oprah Winfrey (Rachel Dunham) makes her grand entrance...

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