Author: Jervelle Frederick

Held Momentarily

Held Momentarily is modern New York City reconstructed into a comical musical—right down to the uncomfortable Tinder dates, the diversity, the attitudes and the unique “crazy” of the city.

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Love’s Labour’s Lost

To begin, let’s just get this straight, Love’s Labour’s Lost is an acquired taste kind of a play. Having heard that it was a Shakespeare play that I had not seen, I hurried to see. I discovered that just because the name Shakespeare is on a project does not mean it will be as easily likeable as his other works. Love’s Labour’s Lost follows King Ferdinand of Navarre (Timothy W. Hull) and three colleagues, Biron (Jason Loughlin), Longaville (Erik Bryan), Dumaine (Dan Renkin). The four men vow to swear off relations with women for three years of study and fasting. Their...

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Dragon’s Breath

Dragon’s breath follows author Justine Drake (Lordina Lisitza) as she tries to get her YA paranormal romance of the same name published in print. In her journey Justine does readings, answers questions (which always explode into heated debates) and monitors online traffic surrounding her work. Along the way Justine unintentionally creates a cult after meeting and befriending Laura (Hannah Sloat) a troubled individual who finds deeper meaning and peace within the words Justine has written. Laura likens her to a messiah speaking on behalf of an all-powerful white dragon. Sounds a bit familiar? Well, the piece is a satirical...

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Loveness? Do you mean “Confusion Wrapped Around Too Much Dialogue”? Yes, I did see that show and subsequently regretted. The press release states that “LOVENESS is an urban poetic satirical melodrama, a poetic dance between the experiential level of human reality – dulled by our fruitless search to complete ourselves through a romantic partner – and an exploration of the deeper, more accurate levels of emotion and the measure of how far we have to go to unlock their truth.” Sound’s amazing doesn’t it? Till you watch and it falls very short of what was expected, having a rather...

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